Perl to Java bytecode

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Searching the archives, I found old posts, but nothing recent. Is
there anything going on with Perl to match Scala or Clojure or Jython,
i.e., a compilation targeted to the JVM?

Thanks, CC.

Re: Perl to Java bytecode

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Not AFAIK. It would be borderline-impossible, given the huge prevelance
of XS extensions that play fast and loose with perl's internals. The
Ponie project (Perl 5 on Parrot, which is likely to be a better fit than
the JVM to start with) was eventually abandoned for exactly that reason.


Re: Perl to Java bytecode

ccc31807 wrote:
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There is jperl /
I took a brief look at this in the past.
There is no source distribution so you can't
look under the hood too closely(without
decompilation anyway *cough*).
Maybe it will get you started on what you
are looking to do. One note of caution though
is that it appears jperl has been dormant for
7 or 8 years...

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