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It would be nice to see, and draw in, some expertise in statistics and AI
into the Perl community here.

I think these two categories will inspire excellent Perl programmers
into developing algo's and post them in free space, here, for all to gleen
and learn.

This as opposed to reading some convoluted google found runabout.

So post some Perl specific method's so we can learn PAST the syntax of Perl
and maybe get intimite knowledge of science, here here..

I'm an engineer, BS. I've worked 3 years as an engineer, 25 years as a
programmer in the engineering janra. Yea, I was a computer buff with
TS ZX80/81/2068 on Zilog's, doing assembly graph plotting. Later
8000 series, 8080, 8086, went to Motorola's, all for a hobby.
Back then, cpu registers were vastly different then calculators, and much
more intriguing.

My earlies recollections of higher/consolidated language's were mostly of
kernel's. I learned Pascal's BEGIN/END structure stuff working with Tandy's
and thier 8-1/2 floppy os. Then I bought the first Amiga 1000. But I also
bought the white ROM KERNEL manuals to with it. Never forget it, it was my
first experience with DLL's, Dynamic Loaded Library's... amazing, 1985...

I quickly raced through all the code/articles I could get my hands on.
Manual after manual, reading/writing to ports, hardware affects, timing,

I soon settled on algo's, digested interresting concepts.

It would be nice to see more interrest, in this group, placed more on usage of
the language instead of syntax.

But, see, the thing is, like math, language and syntax is useless alone.
I do see sporadic usage examples of network/cgi/xml, all the nice things
that don't amount to anything. All they do is move data from one place to
another, childs play in concept. The little tinker, os specific details
are nice to show off, but they are just a drop in the OCEAN !!!

Can we start talkin ALGO'S in Perl, like STATISTICS/NUMERICAL METHODS/AI
for a change?



Re: Perl - Statistics and AI

On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 23:33:35 +0000, sln wrote:

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usage of

It's a bit difficult to respond to such a vague topic. What particular
aspect of statistics, numerical methods, or artificial intelligence do
you have in mind?

Anyway Perl is hopeless at numerical stuff, so I doubt anyone is
seriously using Perl for number crunching.

As for artificial intelligence, is that still around?

Re: Perl - Statistics and AI

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Re: Perl - Statistics and AI

On Tue, 12 Aug 2008 03:29:49 +0100, Ben Morrow wrote:

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Re: Perl - Statistics and AI

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Err, yeah? Am I being stupid, or is there something relevant there?


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Re: Perl - Statistics and AI

On Tue, 12 Aug 2008 15:52:16 +0100, Ben Morrow wrote:

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Is the module an example of using Perl for number crunching, or is it an
example of using other languages for the actual number crunching, with a
Perl wrapper? Judging from the list of Fortran and C and Pascal files in
that manifest, the latter.

Re: Perl - Statistics and AI

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As one who sympathises with Russia in the present problem, but still
wondering ->

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Re: Perl - Statistics and AI

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63.2% of the readers of this newsgroup already have that expertise.

About 50% of those (31.6%) are naturally intelligent.

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I thought Janra was a headset manufacturer... no, that's Jabra.

I know what you were trying to say, but do you realize that
the "n" is the only letter that appears in the correct spelling?


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Re: Perl - Statistics and AI

Dag meneer,

If you're not a troll it would be nice if you yourself started talking
about something instead of complaining, that the perl group doesn't
discuss your topics.

Did you implement anything in perl, which is more then the drops in the
ocean that this group is normally talking about?
Or did you implement in another language and you would be curious to see
the same stuff in perl?

Or are you interested in something in particular which is a little less

Come on, give us something to discuss!


N wrote:
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