[perl-python] 20050115, for statement

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# this is an example of for statement
# the % symbol calculates the remainder
# of division.
# the range(m,n) function
# gives a list from m to n-1.

a = range(1,51)
for x in a:
      if x % 2 == 0:
    print x, 'even'

# note that in this example, for goes over a list.
# each time making x the value of the element.

# this is similar code in perl

for $x (@a) {
      if ( $x%2 ==0){
      print $x, " even\n";

# PS each daily tip can be run. Just
# copy the python part and save to a
# file and run it as "python
# file.py". Try it.

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