Perl/Postgresql Content Management Systems(?)

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Every now and then I get the urge to try out CMS's, mainly just to
see whats so great about them, so far, the ones I've looked at have
been PHP + mysql, but.. I'd really like to find a popular CMS
that's based on postgresql and perl.

The only perl solution I've found is bricolage, but.. it needs
mod_perl 1.x and has a lot of dependencies (that don't seem
to work)

The documentation looks impressive though. (and it appears to be some-what
popular too) it's just that installing this thing in a separate area, (I don't
want it in my system directories) has turned into a 2 day project that still
doesn't work. It's got to work on FreeBSD and Linux.

Any other perl CMS's that are postgresql based? (would be nice
if they used CGI/FastCGI instead of mod_perl, but for something like
this, mod_perl is OK)

I've seen a few that are mysql based, but I'm interested in postgresql.

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Re: Perl/Postgresql Content Management Systems(?)

Jamie wrote:
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If the PHP/Perl layer is doing its job, it shouldn't
really matter what the DB is.


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