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Where do I find a listing of available modules or the modules
themselves?  Documentation available? Where is a good place to search?


Re: Perl Modules

Frank wrote:
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A good place to start is with the documentation that came with your
installation, using "perldoc".  e.g.

perldoc -q "What modules and extensions are available for Perl"

Using your favorite Internet search engine, searching for
"perl modules", would probably have returned many helpful sites too.

Re: Perl Modules

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perldoc perltoc

for the table of contents of the POD documentation on your system.

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perldoc -q module

to search the FAQ list. The search above yields:

What modules and extensions are available for Perl?  What is CPAN?  What
does CPAN/src/... mean?

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There is always Google. On the other hand, you can always go to

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Re: Perl Modules

In article

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Do you mean modules on your system or modules on CPAN that you might

If you want to see every module indexed by PAUSE, look at the
modules/02.packages.details.tar.gz file on any CPAN mirror.

To get all the modules in the current @INC, just use the cpan script
that comes with perl:

   % cpan -a

You'll get a lot of output that looks like:

CGI::FormBuilder::Util       3.0501    3.0501
CGI::Pretty                    1.08      1.08  LDS/
CGI::Prototype               0.9053    0.9053
CGI::Prototype::Hidden        undef     undef
CGI::Push                      1.04      1.04  LDS/
CGI::Simple                   1.103     1.105
CGI::Simple::Cookie           1.103     1.105
CGI::Simple::Standard         1.103     1.105
CGI::Simple::Util             1.103     1.105
CGI::Util                       1.5       1.5  LDS/
CPAN                         1.9102    1.9205  ANDK/CPAN-1.9205.tar.gz
CPAN::Admin                5.400844       5.5  ANDK/CPAN-1.9205.tar.gz
CPAN::Checksums               1.050      2.00
CPAN::Debug                5.400955  5.402212  ANDK/CPAN-1.9205.tar.gz

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