Perl module (or something) for emoji short codes

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First a definition. An emoji "short code" is a name in form of
colon-latin-text-colon that is sometimes used to type in an emoji

For U+1F35F "FRENCH FRIES", the "short code" is ":fries:" here:
and in other places I look.

I'd like to be able to map short codes to UTF-8 and UTF-8 to short

The emoji modules I've found don't offer anything like that. There are
several modules that deal with converting between the various
incompatible Shift-JIS variants and Unicode variants, and some general
Unicode modules that can help you turn a name like "FRENCH FRIES" into a
codepoint like 1F35F, and vice-versa, but I'm not seeing these short
codes anywhere.

Unicode codepoint to UTF-8 and back is very easy

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