Perl, ip6 and XML RPC

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Hello list,

I want to talk to an XML RPC service over ip6 (the server doesn't
listen over ip4). However, with the three modules I tried so far
(XML::RPC, RPC::XML, Frontier::RPC::Client), it tries to do the request
over ip4, even though the hostname I gave only resolve to ip6. I know
for a fact that it should work, as the same script in Python works.

Actually, all of this is happening in fBSD jails ; if I "tcpdump -v -i
lo0 port 6800", I see the request going to some other ip4 (the
ip4 address of the jail in which the Perl script is running), so of
course the connection fails. ; this last bit of information may be of a
low entropy, since it really shouldn't matter.

So, how can I use Perl to make XML RPC calls to an ip6 server?

For instance :

% host has IPv6 address fd93:c8e5:9cb3::3
% cat
use strict;
use warnings;
use Frontier::Client;
my $ariactl = Frontier::Client->new(url =>
my $v = $ariactl->call("getVersion");
print $v;
% perl
500 Can't connect to (connect: Connection
zsh: exit 61    perl
% cat
from xmlrpclib import ServerProxy
aria2 = ServerProxy("").aria2
v = aria2.getVersion()
print v
% python
{'version': '1.8.1', 'enabledFeatures': ['BitTorrent', 'GZip', 'HTTPS',
'Message Digest', 'Metalink', 'XML-RPC']}


Re: Perl, ip6 and XML RPC

Le Vendredi 05A0 23:45, Fr=C3=A9d=C3=A9ric Perrin aA9crit :
Quoted text here. Click to load it

A (the?) solution is toAB use Net::INET6Glue::INET_is_INET6BB bef=
use()ing the actual XML RPC module. It worked with all the three
modules I tried.

Question: why isn't this the default, in 2010?


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