perl file extension in emacs

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emacs's 'auto-mode-alist has this value
("\.\([pP]\([Llm]\|erl\|od\)\|al\)\'" . perl-mode)

the regex there seems a bit wild. If i didn't get it wrong, then its
like this

. ([pP] ( [Llm] | erl | od ) | al )

so it covers:


plus SOME case variations. e.g. {.pL , .PL}.

Seems am wrong about.pal=94 there because opening a file ending in
=93.pal=94 doesn't work. But i don't get it.

is it necessary to include the.pod=94? because the perl-mode doesn't
do any coloring with.pod=94 files, nor cperl-mode. If there's a mode
handing.pod=94 file am guessing it won't be perl-mode.

also, is the.perl=94 there necessary? Is that a accepted perl file
suffix? (Just checked it's not in perl v5.10.1.)

would it be better if it's just

("\.\(p\([lm]\)\)\'" . perl-mode)



Re: perl file extension in emacs

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You are misreading the outer |: The extension is actually .al and
(AFAIK) files with this extension are generated by AutoSplit and
supposed to be used via AutoLoader (both are 'standard' Perl modules).

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Actually, it seems to be wrong: The emacs version I'm using (22.2.1)
has a POD mode which does some 'fancy rendering' for .pod files (and
presumably, other stuff as well).

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