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 We have a wrapper language for C someone wrote which basicaly
reads files and operates on the fields. It formats the fields, adding
commas, removing spaces,checking for valid values and many similar
types of operations.
I am wondering if perl would run nearly as fast as such a thing, and
suspect it would. If the kind of processing you are doing could be done
in a 100 lines or so of perl code and the overall issue is how fast the
I/O is and moving one field to another, some pattern matching,
inserting data, I would expect perl would be fairly fast. Any comments
on that ?

Re: perl execution speed wrote:
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Well, why not try it and see?  How would anyone be able to say yes or no
to "nearly as fast" or have any idea what your "wrapper language for C"
does or how well it does it?  The only way you're going to answer it is
to benchmark it yourself, or hire someone.  Also, the number of lines of
code has no relevance. It sounds like something perl would be able to
handle rather easily, however you're asking a question that only you can

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