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Hi all,

I have a very strange problem with one of my scripts.  I have script that u=
ses Net::SMTP, and the server I was using is not working anymore, so I am t=
rying to find a secure way to send it.  I found a couple of ways, but our p=
rovider will not allow those installed because a C Compler must be installe=
d.  So I am forced to look elsewhere.

Anyway, we have an .asp script that uses SSL Authentication, and I would li=
ke to use that in my Perl Script.  Is there a way to 'call' the asp script =
from the perl script?  I see there is PerlScript, but that is mainly used f=
or, it looks like, with asp, and, I think, I need to download another versi=
on of ActivePerl.

Can anyone help with this?  My perl script is over 2000 lines, and right no=
w rewriting it would be too time consuming.  We need a short-term solution,=
 until I can write a long-term solution.

Re: Perl e-mail problem

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ipt from the perl script?I see there is PerlScript, but that is mainly =
used for, it looks like, with asp, and, I think, I need to download another=
 version of ActivePerl.

Use system() and exec() to call external scripts, in my case pscp and
the like. If you can execute an external command (like your ASP
script) you might try this idiom:

my $error_code = 0;
my $command = 'myaspscript.asp param1 param2 param3';
$error_code = system($command);
warn "Error running ASP script, $error_code\n" if $error_code !=3D 0;


Re: Perl e-mail problem

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Which server is not working: the SMTP server you were submitting mail
to? How are you expected to send outgoing mail now?

I get the impression you are trying to use something like AUTH+TLS over
port 587, and you can't install the SSL perl modules because you haven't
got a compiler, but you haven't explained very clearly. If that *is* the
case, and you are using ActivePerl (you say you are below) then there
are PPMs of the SSL modules. See /
(make sure you use the right repo for your version of perl).

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The usual way to 'call' an ASP script is to submit an HTTP request to
the appropriate webserver. You can do this from perl using LWP, though
I'm not sure how you think this will help you send mail. (Obviously it
would be possible to write an HTTP-to-mail interface as an ASP script,
but it wouldn't be very easy to interface the standard Perl email
modules with anything like that.)

PerlScript allows you to (among other things) *write* ASP scripts in
Perl. I don't think that's what you want here.

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You almost certainly don't need to completely rewrite it. You do need to
post the bits of the script that are trying to send mail, and explain
how they're failing. You're most likely to get useful help if you post
the shortest script you can come up with that still gives you the same


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