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Have any one familiar with Perl Dev Kit?

I want to compile my script to executable.
So I can run this command "game" anywhere on command windows. Maybe
set some environment variable?

Any help>

Currently, I have to run where game where it is located with such as
in the C drive otherwise I get this error.
'game' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable
program or batch file.

I can hack it and manually put it in C:\Windows then I can use game
anywhere I want.


Re: Perl Dev Kit

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You have converted your perl script into a Windows .exe, so you now have
a file c:\game.exe?

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Learn how to use your OS. You need to put it in a directory that is
named in the %PATH% environment variable; if you like, you can add a new
directory to %PATH% and put it there.

I believe you can also create a 'game.exe' key somewhere appropriate in
the registry with the full path, but I don't really know.

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C:\Windows is typically in %PATH% already.


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Re: Perl Dev Kit

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Then why don't you add the location of your script to the search path?

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What a concept!
May I suggest to learn how to use the operating system you are using?


PS: nothing of this has anything to do with Perl but would happen with
any other program just the same way.

Re: Perl Dev Kit

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A slick user should IMNSHO know that working as Administrator is not a
smart thing to do.

You can set your PATH variable to the directory where game.exe is stored.

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