Perl and Gnuplot questions Mar. 10, 2009

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A freeware earthquake forecasting Perl language - Gnuplot graphics (Windows
Vista, XP, 2000, or NT) computer program is now available for downloads.  To
see how it works, go to any of the above Web pages and follow the download
links to either of two Etdprog.html Web pages where download links for the
program are stored.  The Perl language source code for an earlier version of
the program can also be found in an file at the Meteoquake Web

Notices regarding the program were circulated around the world on March 8,
2009.  One was posted to the sci.geo.earthquakes Newsgroup.  Another notice
regarding the program is scheduled to be posted to a number of computer
language Newsgroups, probably some time later this week.


1.  PERL  -  The Perl language program alternates between the use of the
IsKeyPressed and readline STDIN statements for input depending on what mode
it is in. When graphics are being displayed it uses IsKeyPressed.

The problem is that at times when it switches from IsKeyPressed to readline
for input a single letter or space remains on the input line. My best guess
is that it was stored in a Windows keyboard buffer. And it causes some
confusion because it is entered as data if it is not removed with the
BackSpace key.

Is there some way to instruct Perl to get rid of that letter or space before
the readline statement is used?

In these early versions of the computer program I don't want to have to use
the SendKeys statement.

2.  GNUPLOT  -  How well are the Gnuplot routines for jpg and gif picture
file generation working?

The last time I tried using Gnuplot to automatically create gif files, some
of the data that would display on the computer screen did not appear in the
gif file.

Is that a known problem?  Or does it simply have something to do with the
way Gnuplot is instructed to print the data to the file?

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