perl 5.8.5 segfaults on patternmatch

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I recently discovered segfaulting of perl 5.8.5 doing many
patternmatches like /abc.*$/ and /^.*abc/ on a big datastructure.

I seem to able to avoid the problem by using the more accurate
searchpatterns /abc.*/ and /.*abc/ instead, but I generally wonder what
to do with a segfaulting perl ?

I tried to create a very short script demonstrating the problem, but
could not. The shortest version of my tool is still about 100 lines of
code and the inputfile (a stored hash) is about 1M. Does it make any
sense to upload the script, the inputfile and the coredump somewhere to
let anyone peek into it or is it just a bug and I should be happy to
have found a way around it?



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