perl 5.8.5

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1)  On BSD/OS 4.3.1 I can compile a non-threaded perl with success but
  a non-thread perl turns up

ź$ make -t
touch lib/auto/B/
*** couldn't touch lib/auto/B/ No such file or directorytouch
*** couldn't touch lib/auto/Encode/ No such file or directorytouch
*** couldn't touch lib/auto/List/Util/ No such file or directorytouch
*** couldn't touch lib/auto/SDBM_File/ No such file or
directorytouch extras.make
touch all

Why am I have this problem on BSD/OS 4.3.1 ??

2)  Both neomail and openwebmail do not work well under perl 5.8.5 .

openwebmail:$ ^sb^b
/usr/bin/suidperl -T --init
sperl needs fd script
You should not call sperl directly; do you need to change a #! line
from sperl to perl?

neomail from the error_log

[Tue Aug 24 07:45:40 2004] [error] [client] Can't access() script

Did someone not follow the new security trends in perl?
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