Partial e-mail body receiving by SMTP Server?

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I would like to setup a SMTP server for processing of e-mails (my SMTP
server). E-mails will be forwarded from well know Internet e-mail
servers to my  SMTP server, but the only fragment of body is important
for processing (like first 10kB of e-mail, not attachments just text).
The rest of the transferred e-mail, should be discarded during
communication, otherwise it could exhausted communication capacity of
my server (having 1M e-mails to be delivered in an hour).

Is the possible to make my SMTP server by protocol to communicate with
an Internet e-mail server, that my SMTP server receive just only like
first 10kB of message and the rest will be discarded and the Internet
e-mail will believe that e-mail is delivered correctly.

Any idea or protocol remarks to be considered.


Martin Rysanek

Re: Partial e-mail body receiving by SMTP Server?

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What are you to do ? Read a spamtrap mailbox ?
though that may not be relevant , but usually it is not the best idea
to write a smtp server. YMMV
Use a postfix server and pipe it to a perl script if you like it

The perl script can then read the mail upto 10k and discard the rest


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