Params::Check vs Params::Validate

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Hi all,

I need your advice about choosing a module for parameter checks.
There are two modules I've found interesting and they are similar:
Params::Check and Params::Validate.
At first glance I would prefer Params::Validate because it has a xs
version. On the other hand Params::Check is in the perl 5.10 core
module list. Does anyone know why the perl core developers prefered
Params::Check on Params::Validate ?


Re: Params::Check vs Params::Validate

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Params::Check is in the core because (and only because) it is required
by CPANPLUS. As a general rule, the intention nowadays is for the perl
core to contain only modules that are tied to a specific version of
perl, or that are required for installing from CPAN. Including a module
in the core isn't any sort of comment on its usefulness.

Of course, there is another rule, which says 'once something goes into
the core, it never comes out again'. (There is work being done to try to
remove this rule, but it's harder than you might think.) This means that
the core contains a fair few modules (like, say, that really
don't belong there under current policies, but got added at some point
and now can't be removed. This doesn't mean they are considered 'better'
than their alternatives on CPAN.


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