[OT] PerlTidy option to close parens on function params *only*

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Since I don't consider this question strictly Perl related, I've marked
as [OT].  Yet at the same time, I'm not sure where else to ask it since
no one other than Perl users would conceiveably use PerlTidy.

That said, I want to provide an option or options to PerlTidy that
format parenthesis in this fashion:

for (1..10) {
   do_something( $_, "Dude" );


if ($a < 10) {
   do_something( $a, "Dude" );

In other words, parens after keywords like "while," "for," and "if"
etc. stay tight (eg. no whitespace), whilst parameters passed to
subroutines are formated with one space as with "do_somthing()" above.

The PerlTidy man page provides no options that I can see other than
tight parens EVERYWHERE.  Also the PerlTidy home page offers nothing
revealing either and there is no list associated with this product that
I can see.  I was hoping I might trip across someone here that is
experienced enough with PerlTidy to offer a solution to the above.

Right now, I'm living with tight parens globally.  But I'd rather have
white space around my parameters to subroutines.


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