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Can some one pls tell me wts the meaning of "$topIter->next()" ?
I know "->" is used for hash refs, but dont know when to use ->( ) !!!

Re: Operator ->()

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This calls the method next() on the object $topIter. Read the perlobj
documentation for more about this.

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Beside being used for method calls, '->' is also with references in
general for dereferencing. That is

  $aref->[0]     - Using an array reference as an array
  $href->   - Using an hash reference as an hash
  $sref->(1,2,3) - Using a subroutine reference (ie. call the sub)

Read more about this in the perlref documentation under 'Using
references', rule number 3.


Re: Operator ->()

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It invokes method "next" on the object contained in $topIter.

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Your example is not ->(), it is ->next(), or more generically, ->$method().
They are quite different.  The first is used on code-refs, the second on


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Re: Operator ->()

Subra wrote:

[ exactly the same question as was posted to the beginners list a few
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