On the computer -- a help or hinderance?

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I am wondering what everyone's experiences with narcotics and video
games and poker and so forth are, both from an enjoyment and an
accuracy standpoint.  

I will start:  Everything I enjoy better on most narcotics, and rarely
notice more than a slight increase in typing speed and accuracy (I once
went from 59 to 77 wpm with one error in both cases on a 10-minute
typing test back in the day a half-hour after shooting M) and I am
especially fond of the combinations of:
* morphine and Tetris,
* hydromorphone or oxymorphone and newsgroups,
* hydromorphone or hydrocodone and spreadsheets and Perl programming
(BTW, avoid programming in C or assembly language if you are drunk or
blasted on barbs or meprobamate/Carisoprodol)
* one of the above, nicomorphine, or especially oxycodone and Sonic The

OTOH, I feel impaired (sluggish etc.) playing any of the Grand Theft
Auto variants on anything but oxycodone.  

I would like to play Sly Raccoon on M some time soon.  Come to think of
it, why don't they make a video game about a raccoon who has to steal
morphine and shit -- like a cross betwixt Sly Raccoon, GTA, and the
film Drugstore Cowboy?  It would be a giant hit!

What would narcotics and/or what they can do have as effects for the
poker player or other gambler of various types, ranging from lottery
scratch-off enthusiasts to hard-core roulette or horse-racing folks?

Agent 69

That's my level best & two lipa and/or 0,02 and anyone who doesn't
like it can suck my arsehole.


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