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Re: Old tutorial - now corrected

> > What if the year is 2014? Then, $date above will be set to
> > "26-1-20014". Do you think that is correct? If so, you are even
> > more dimwitted than I give you credit for.
> The line between being critical and being needlessly abusive is not
> fine by any means. You have managed to cross it anyway. You do so on a
> regular basis. It was uncalled for in this case and is uncalled for
> almost every time you stoop to it.

Then again, a "tutorial" that introduces its very own Y2010 bug, in a
revised edition, no less, must be considered beyond redemption.  Strong
discouragement is indicated.


Re: Old tutorial - now corrected

I am beginning to see that this 'conversation' is going
nowhere - you are not understanding what I am saying and
you feel the same about me. I came seeking advice about
my tutoiral, and all I got were complaints about my

So I have decided to drop this subject. But none of you
have convinced me to take the tutorial offline. Rather
than pointing out what was wrong with the tutorial and
how to correct it, what you did was claim that I was
unqualified to write it in the first place. And you
did this by judging me by my 2-3 year old scripts.
The scripts available at
http://www.geocities.com/binnyva/code/perl/cgi /
were among the very first perl scripts that I created.
So it is natural that there would be some problems
with them.

Those scripts was not intended for students of perl;
I wrote those scripts years before I wrote this tutorial.
The intended audience for those scripts where people
who had no knowledge of perl(or very little knowledge),
but where looking for the simplest way to setup a
guestbook(or whatever) for their websites - and
unwilling to learn a programming language for that.

My goal in writing the tutorial was to provide a
introduction to perl. I wanted to get the readers
to be interested in perl enought to go to more
advanced tutorials or books. I tried to create
a tutorial that was easy to read and not hard
to understand.

At the same time, in many ways, I had been stubborn
too. I am not able to see the problems with my
tutorial - and my writing it. I still cannot see the
logic in many things pointed out by you gentlemen.

So, I think that it is better for all to quit this
pointless discussion before it degenerates into a
flame war.

If you still think that my tutorial was a waste of
web space and a bad influence for beginners, I am
sorry about the 'mess' I have made. I will still
uphold my promise that I will correct my old scripts.
So far, that is the only good thing that came out
of these postings.

Once again, thank you for not losing your patience,
and sorry for not finding a solution for this problem.
Binny V A

Re: Old tutorial - now corrected

binnyva@hotmail.com wrote in

> I came seeking advice about my tutoiral, and all I got
> were complaints about my scripts.

See http://tinyurl.com/6qe9e for a critique of a section of your


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