Off subject: Permanent Perl Development role, Manhattan

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My firm places Information Technology professionals in the NY/NJ area.
We're currently recruiting for an exciting development role in web and
back end development using Perl, Apache, C, Oracle,  and Linux.  This
is a permanent position for a fast growing technology company in
Manhattan. Details are as follows:

    Part of a 15 member team working on numerous Web and back end
initiatives using Perl, SQL, and Oracle with strong skills in
networking, firewalls, protocol design, reusable components and stream
    Focus on performance and  security using many tools in an open
source environment.

    Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent and a passion for
programming and how things really work.
    At least 2 years of concentrated experience with Perl.
    Strong 2 years of experience with SQL (preferably Oracle) and C

Desired Skills:
    Network/Socket programming.
    Experience with UDP, TCP, TTL, MTU, network security.
    Linux systems administration
    Open Source Development

Please email to explore further.

Thank you,

Bartfield Search, Inc.
66 Witherspoon Street #301
Princeton, NJ 08542

Re: Off subject: Permanent Perl Development role, Manhattan

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You have posted a job posting or a resume in a technical group.

Longstanding Usenet tradition dictates that such postings go into
groups with names that contain "jobs", like "", not
technical discussion groups like the ones to which you posted.

Had you read and understood the Usenet user manual posted frequently to
"news.announce.newusers", you might have already known this. :)  (If
n.a.n is quieter than it should be, the relevent FAQs are available at )
Another good source of information on how Usenet functions is
news.newusers.questions (information from which is also available at /).

Please do not explain your posting by saying "but I saw other job
postings here".  Just because one person jumps off a bridge, doesn't
mean everyone does.  Those postings are also in error, and I've
probably already notified them as well.

If you have questions about this policy, take it up with the news
administrators in the newsgroup news.admin.misc. may be of more use to you

Yours for a better usenet,


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