O/T: Hello (again)

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Dunno if anyone remembers me from when I used to post (ok, I mostly lurked,
but I'm sure I must have posted once or twice!), it was some years back now.
I've finally got round to re-subscribing, so thought I'd better re-introduce
myself in case I have to post some time and I get accused of being a random
new personality of someone who's flounced off in a huff.

So basically, I've been working with Perl since, ooh, 1996 or so, give or
take a few little breaks.  Been in the same job for nearly 8 years now, with
2 lots of maternity leave thrown in, but after coming back the last time
(about 2 years ago), my job had changed enough that I've hardly had to write
any new Perl in the intervening time, and I'm feeling more than a little

Really enjoying the regular bitesize FAQ posts, I've learnt a couple of new
things already in the past couple of days.

Ok, 5 minute mumble done, I'll be back off to lurking for a bit now.  
(Nothing to see here, please carry on as normal ...)

Re: O/T: Hello (again)

Vicky Conlan wrote:
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No, but hello and welcome anyway.

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You probably remember the posting guidelines, but if not ...


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