Network Monitoring app.

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    [sorry for the double post in vb.misc...]

I wanted to make a program that monitors hosts, to see that they are up. I
want to make the part of the program that does the testing in either
Perl,Pascal, or maybe VB. One of the GUI's is going to be in vb, but I
would prefer to have the part the does the polling on a unix system,
Preferably perl. But I will setting for any of the above 3 langs.

I want to be able to poll
the hosts every 5 minutes. So i figured I would send a really small 1
packet ping to each host every 2 mins. Lets say I have a list of 255 hosts
to ping ( I would like the timeout for a ping to be 4 seconds). If it
stalls on 50 hosts, that means 200 wasted seconds. Further more, it means
that now took up the time for 2 or more polls. What is the most efficient
way to do this? I was originally thinking that I would have to make it
ping multiple hosts at the same time, maybe like 10. I just have no idea
how to do that.

My other idea is to have multiple instances running. All the data is held
in a database. So if I see that there are 255 hosts, I can spawn 12
instances of the program, each one monitoring 20 hosts..

Any other ideas..  Right now i just want to monitor icmp, but later on i
want to monitor http as well.


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