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Hello Guys,
Not sure if this is the correct group tpo post on.
Am using net telnet inside cygwin on my windows laptop to invoke an
NFS mount on a remote solaris box.
        print "accessing $host\n";

        my $t = new Net::Telnet;
        $t->login("root", "password");
        print "mounting software \n";
      $t->cmd(String => " mount -F nfs /mnt",
Timeout = 60);
Works just fine.
Except when the target box is switched off!
How can I check that the mount has succeeded please?



Re: net telnet mount

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From the Net::Telnet docs re: open

open - connect to port on remote host

    $ok = $obj->open($host);    $ok = $obj->open([Host    => $host,]
                     [Port    => $port,]
                     [Errmode => $mode,]
                     [Timeout => $secs,]);This method opens a TCP connection
to $port on $host. If either argument is missing then the current value of
host() or port() is used. Optional named parameters are provided to override
the current setting of errmode and timeout.

On success 1 is returned. On time-out or other connection failures, the
error mode action is performed. See errmode().



Re: net telnet mount

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=A0=3D> $host,]
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Ah. My question was not clear. I want too pick up on the situation
when is not reachable. Currently if the nfs mount fails
no error message is generated.

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