need some help excluding with file::find::rule

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(I think I may have posted this msg in the wrong group before, so my
apologies for a double post, i believe this is the right place)


First please forgive me if this is the wrong way to go about asking
this question.

I have a script im working on that is looking to only get the
filenames with ".mw.|.cw.|.uw." and exclude any filenames (which
happen to be FQDNs of servers) that do not have that criteria

the structure to search is /data*/backups/$server/daily.0/$server
(where $server would have the .mw.|.cw.|.uw. characteristic)

this is what I have thus far, I dont feel this is the fastest way to
go about doing this (im not sure), I also want to make sure to exclude
and not even "parse" any dirs that dont have the afore mentioned

any feedback is appreciated



use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Find::Rule;
use File::Basename qw/basename dirname/;

my @data_dir =
  qw { /data/backups };    # list here the data dir if you want to
loop on it.
foreach my $dir (@data_dir) {
print "looking at $dir..\n";
    my ( $bkpcount, $dbcount ) = 0;    # db and backup file counter

    # Gather server name with .mw, .cw, .uw on fqdn
 my %server_w_log;
# This part will search for every  directory with .mw, .uw. cw and
take the base name as key to hash
    opendir( DIR, $dir ) or warn "can't open $dir\n";
    my @servers = readdir(DIR);
    foreach my $server (@servers) {
        next if $server =~ m/^\./;
        %server_w_log =
          map { my $tempfile = basename $_; $tempfile => $_ }

print "server is $server..\n";


(there's more to the script but this is the first part that's giving
me problems.

any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: need some help excluding with file::find::rule

solaristar wrote:
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It looks like you could use a file glob to get the list of file names
you need, for example (UNTESTED):

my $server = '.[cmu]w';

my @files = glob "/data*/backups/$server/daily.0/*$server";

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That is the same as saying:

       my $bkpcount = 0;
       my $dbcount;

If you want both variables initialized to 0 then you have to assign to both:

      my ( $bkpcount, $dbcount ) = ( 0, 0 );


      my ( $bkpcount, $dbcount ) = ( 0 ) x 2;


      my $bkpcount = my $dbcount = 0;

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You should include the $! variable in the error message so you know why
opendir() failed.

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Even though opendir() failed you are still trying to read from the
invalid directory handle?

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The '.*' at the beginning and end are superfluous, it should be just
qr/\.(mw|uw|cw)/, or even better qr/\.[muc]w/.

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