moving applications to Windows, database and all

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Several years ago, I wrote a web interface to a database using Linux,
Apache, Postgres, and Perl. It has proven useful several times, and as
a result I have moved the application to new Linux machines. It's not
too difficult to do by hand: create a new user and tar the content of
the old home directory to the new one, create a sym link in the
document root pointing to the web content, configure httpd.conf and
start Apache, import the schema into the database and start the
database server, and it's done.

Recently I've had the experience of moving the application to a
Windows server (using Apache and MySQL) it it was difficult enough for
me to wish for some kind of installer file. I have to actually install
Apache and MySQL on the server since they don't come natively with
Windows Since I anticipate having to do this again in the near future,
I'm wondering how I could create an automated solution to install and
configure Apache and MySQL, copy the files, and do the configuration
in one step.

Is this possible with Perl?

Also, this is beginning to be a commercial enterprise (i.e., I will
charge for the application) so does this have any implications for

Thanks, CC.

Re: moving applications to Windows, database and all

Quoted text here. Click to load it has a installer like this; check out XAMPP.

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