Mouse Module Question

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ActiveState Perl 5.10 is being used on Windows XP and higher Personal

       Several of us are working with a variety of computer programs
including Perl, Gnuplot, and Basic to develop a shared application that
draws maps.

       We would like the program to display small pop-up windows with
additional information when the computer mouse pointer is positioned over an
object on a Gnuplot window.  A Perl program is already constantly running in
the background with that application and checking for key presses.  It could
also constantly check the computer mouse pointer location.

Question:  What Perl module would be the simplest one to use for obtaining X
and Y coordinate information for the computer mouse?  There appear to be
quite a few modules to choose from.

Question:  Is there a Perl module that can generate pop-up windows on its
own based on the mouse pointer location?

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