module for MSCRM?

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My company has recently switched to MS CRM, and I now need to port all of
our perl programs to use the new database.

Is there a perl module for MS CRM?  I couldn't find one on cpan, but my
search-fu is not strong.



Re: module for MSCRM?

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Abandon ship!!

Sorry, seriously though, I don't know. Doesn't the CRM drive SQL,
surely there's a database underneath it somewhere? Wouldn't that be
what you want to talk to?


Justin C, by the sea.

Re: module for MSCRM?

Wow.  I could have sworn I posted a response to this, but I can't seem
to find it on my news server.

In our last episode, the evil Dr. Lacto had captured our hero,

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Because the database is an ugly mess of poorly-named tables which I
would rather not have to deal with, and assorted other wheels I would
rather not have to reinvent.  The software, on the other hand, should
know all of this information already.

For example, my "primary" table has four fields.  Each field contains
a numeric value.  Somewhere in the database are tables that related these
numeric values to the text values I need.  Those tables have names like
AR090109.  There are a few dozen tables with names like that.  I don't
want to have to figure out what each table is, when I can in theory just
ask the CRM "If the GUI would have displayed a text value, what would it
have been?"

Also, my copy of freetds does not work with UTF-8, which is apparantly
what one of my fields is encoded in.  freetds seems to have disappeared;
at least, I can't find it, although my google-fu is admittedly very weak.


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