MIME::Tools infinite loop

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There seems to be bug in Mime::Tools which causes it to loop if it
thinks some of its input is tainted.

What I'm doing is building a Mime message, using some HTML for part of
the message.  If the HTML comes from a file, the loop happens, but if
it comes from a here doc., it runs fine.

Curiously, I have a similar script that builds a MIME message using
HTML from a database instead of a file, and that also runs fine... go

Anybody have any knowledge of this problem?

Re: MIME::Tools infinite loop

Larry wrote:
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Well, a quick search for "infinite" in the Mime::Tools docs only turns
up a mention of infinite recursion in MIME::Words that was fixed in
4.121.  So either:
1) no, this is not a known issue
2) Yes, it's known, but not by the module author
3) Yes, it's known, and fixed, and you should upgrade
4) No, there is no bug, and you did something wrong.

It would be most beneficial at this point if you could provide a *short
but complete* script that demonstrates your problem.  From there,
perhaps the community can help determine whether or not there truly is
a bug that should be reported, solved, and patched.

(In general, if I'm using a language or package that has been released
at large, and something unexpected happens, I tend to assume *I'm* the
one who did something wrong...)

Paul Lalli

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