maximum hash/array keys/values

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What's the maximum hash/array in Perl can hold for keys and values?


Re: maximum hash/array keys/values

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Please explain what you mean in a little bit more detail. What do you mean
by maximum hash or maximum array?

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Re: maximum hash/array keys/values

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The maximum will depend on arcane details of your perl build.  Almost
certainly your machine will run out of memory long, long before you reach
the internal limit, unless you are doing rather silly.  Like this:

perl -le '$x[2**31-2]=8;'

It succeeded, but took 16 gig.  2**31-1 runs out of memory.  2**31 gives an
error of Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript
-2147483648 at -e line 1.

Apparently even 64-bit builds use 32-bit ints for array indices.


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Re: maximum hash/array keys/values

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Maybe.  Also, it looks like the code to convert the size of array to
the size of the buffer-with-pointers-to-scalars defaults to 32-bit
integers for some intermediate values.

Could you report it to p5p as a bug?


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