making perl act like a proxy

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This may not be possible, and I hope I don't muck up what I want to do,
but here goes:

we have an ssh server that is behind a corporate firewall. When users
log in, through ssh they get forwarded to this box and then forwarded to
another telnet connection. The problem is that if the corp firewall
hangs up for any reason, the users not only lose their connection to
ssh, the lose everything they were working on. After seven years, they
still haven't learned to save their work, so I guess they never will.

My idea is to have them log in as usual, then have a script in their
user profile fire up a telnet connection to the data server. The script
would then act like a proxy and take commands sent over ssh and pass
them on to the telnet connection. If the ssh session dies, the user gets
kicked, but the telnet sessions stays alive, and when they reconnect,
the script just puts them back into the telnet session.

This may be impossible, or it may be commonly done, I just don't know. I
don't know how to query google in a way that will give me the right
answer so I'm asking here. Could one of the Perl sages let me know if
this is doable?


Re: making perl act like a proxy

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You have mis-identified the solution.




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