Mail::DomainKeys example needed

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I am seeking a Mail::DomainKeys example for signing
a mail message.

I have the CPAN project loaded and have not been able
to find any documentation (no pod in files, not html but
I may have missed it on this unfamiliar system where I
am working) in the files nor by searching the Internet.

Something simple that will show me how to load my
cert/private key, specify my DNS location for the public
key, input and sign an RFC822 SMTP message file (or

I suspect this is trivial once you have the package and
maybe it's just late (at night) but right now trying to
reverse engineer the code isn't working for me.

Odd thing is the sample CERN implementation in C# also
comes with no "sample" (that I can find.

Thanks for helping if you can...

Herb Martin
Accelerated MCSE

Re: Mail::DomainKeys example needed

Found one on SourceForge in a Project I had seen before,
but had missed the example in a subproject Package:

    commands /

If you know of others then I would love to see them though
this looks like what I needed.

Herb Martin
Accelerated MCSE

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