LWP::UserAgent proxy issues

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Hello, I have a number of questions regarding the proxy function of
What is the syntax of inputting proxies? In the official info page, it
is written ('http', 'http://proxy.sn.no:8001 /'), so is the http prefix
for the proxy address necessary, or I can just specify vanilla IP
addresses suffixed with ports without the prefix?
The method demonstration in the documentation makes me curious once
again regarding the format of the proxy addresses: Is a plain IP
address - for example alright, or I have to seek a proxy
with a dns (for example: los.micros.com:80)? Or maybe the CGI proxies
you can find for bypassing filters on the web (The ones where you
input your destination site address at) are enough? I didn't really
get it.
How can I confirm that the proxifying process succeeded? Is $proxy-
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does the ->is_success method works on the proxy() function?

Best regards and thanks for reading,

Matt James

Re: LWP::UserAgent proxy issues

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No, you'll need a valid URI with a protocol scheme, eg,  http://...

* perldoc URI  for more info about the URI scheme,

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Yes, eg,

* port 80 is default for http and can be omitted

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No, you'll need a response object:

$resp = $ua->get( ... );
if ( $resp->is_success ) { ... }

Charles DeRykus

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