LWP::Parallel concerns

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Maybe I'm wrong, but if I were to use LWP::Parallel to parse a remote
site for a few hours,  then couldn't this be possibly interpreted as a
Denial of Service? And if could be interpreted as a possibly Denial of
Service attack, what could I do to possibly avoid it?

Re: LWP::Parallel concerns

Quoth chadda@lonemerchant.com:
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By default LWP::Parallel won't make more than 5 requests to any given
host at a time. If you are worried that even this many over a sustained
period would be considered abuse, you could reduce it with ->max_req; or
you could use ->on_connect to do some more sophisticated rate-limiting.


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Re: LWP::Parallel concerns

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Okay. Thanks.

Re: LWP::Parallel concerns

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On the other hand, this would not help at all if what you are doing is
against the terms of use the web site and use scraping to re-construct a
data set to which you do not have commercial use rights.

If you then go and set up a commercial operation of any sort using the
data you obtained that way, well, I am no lawyer, but I think a decent
case could be made against you.


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