Looking for a perl job (or c/c++) or any job still !!

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If I had a job, i probably wouldn't post here. But don't for a year now.
I like all the job descriptions, and the desperate CS resume's i've read,
throwing everything but the kitchen sink of 'technology' phrases (aka keywords)
into it.

I can't remember all that stuff. I don't write extremely well.
All i know is, when i'm paid to do something, i do it in spades.
I don't want to 'lie', i can't put on my resume "written 15 million lines of
it won't go into the database. I've written more, but I can't keep up with the
lies of resume acronyms and phrase hypes.

I hate to say this but, every employer i've worked for (almost) have trippled
value and the owners have sold out, this due to my meager code contributions.

I refuse to learn on my own anymore, had enough. I am a master at deciphering
and if wrong, doing fix ups to the code. How? I think MSDN started it didn't it?

Do I know all the elements to do anything? You betcha!! Will i do it without
being paid?
Not an ice cubes chance in hell !!!

Tell that to the ologarthy.


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