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I am writing this one last post because I feel this group as truly
gotten to the point that one cannot express their views without certain
people, who feel they are above everyone else here changing what you say
or down right lying in order to bury any argument against something they
believe strongly, and demonstrate a complete unwillingness to to debate
on any real civil and/or rational level.

Many of you did this with me in the "CLPM - a help group" thread, and
the same thing has happened in many others, a note worthy thread was the
regarding if it's wrong to write "PERL". Any merit was completely
ignored and what the originally said was changed and words were shoved
into mouths that were never said.

I have no doubt the same people will label this post as just trolling,
instead of admitting any wrong doing as usual. No, we cannot criticize
the so called community core. But what you don't understand is that you
have no real power, despite what you want everyone to believe.

All you have proven is that this group is not worth investing any time
in. Life is to short to waste on people who are "never wrong" and refuse
to defend their points of view with logic and rationality and instead
engage in ways not unlike those formerly in the USSR.

   - Adam J. Worrell
      It's a shame the type of People we fought to vanquish from
      the world during the Cold War have come to rule Usenet.

Re: logic error in poster

    A> All you have proven is that this group is not worth investing any
    A> time in.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass as you (finally!) leave.


Charlton Wilbur

Re: logic error in poster

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Don't be naive, just prepare for his next personality to show up ;-)


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