libusb, use Device::USB; works only as user root?

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Hi, why does the attached Script only works as user root?

running as user root i get:
root@siduxbox:/home/gh# perl
Device: 1781:0A98
Manufactured by
 Product: USBTenki

running as default user i get a empty result set:
gh@siduxbox:~$ perl
Device: 1781:0A98
Manufactured by

Kind Regards

use Device::USB;
my $Vendor= '1781';
my $Product= '0a98';
my $intVendor = unpack("n", pack("H4", $Vendor)); #hex2int
my $intProduct = unpack("n", pack("H4", $Product)); #hex2int
#print "$intProduct\n";

my $usb = Device::USB->new();
my @devices = $usb->list_devices_if( sub { Device::USB::CLASS_HUB ==
$_->bDeviceClass() } );
#print "@devices\n";

    my $dev = $usb->find_device( $intVendor, $intProduct );
    printf "Device: %04X:%04X\n", $dev->idVendor(), $dev->idProduct();
    print "Manufactured by ", $dev->manufacturer(), "\n",
          " Product: ", $dev->product(), "\n";

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