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It's impossible http://www.kevinkatovic.com/ - 10 years I have been
trying to get a payday like all these so called successful online
marketers but its so bad now no one ever gets paid.  After trying
again and again with multiple failures the only thing that makes money
online is those working for the search engines that roll the money
they claim to make back into the stocks and business actually making

Why can't a real person succeed online?  The numbers are retarded now
no one could ever hope of getting the traffic necessary to every make
their " minimum payouts " for all afiilliate programs.

No one clicks ads and no one ever makes money its just google and
yahoo and msn properties out their running ads with their own bloggers
faking comments to simulate popularity.

Is the majority of the public going to believe these bloggers are
really making enough to ensure monthy payouts?

Your dreaming, pay per performance doesn't work and well neither does
pay per click.

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