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Hi guys,

i'm having a bit of a problem here with the exec functionality. I seem
to be unable to kill the children of my process. Hope you can help me
with this one.

I'm doing a client-server setup where the server requests the clients
to start instances of a certain application and now the bugger doesn't
seem to die properly. The code in nutshell is here, i'll eliminate my
crappy message handling and just quote the handler funcs:

<start block>
$pid = fork;
if ( $pid == 0 )
  exec( $my_command,$my_args) or die "can't do it Jim!";
} else {
$jobs = $my_args;
</start block>

<kill block>
foreach ( keys( $jobs ) )
  kill 9,$_;
delete %jobs;
</kill block>

What happens is that the exec starts the program properly and returns
a pid. the kill however seems to be unable
to do anything to the program that is executed, it just keeps

Am i actually execing a command shell instance that then starts the
program as child and my kill hangs there?

At the moment coding in Win32 environment but the code should port to
linux/osX as well.


Re: killing the children

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You should include enough of the other stuff to make it actually runnable.

my $my_command="perl";
my @my_args=('-le', 'warn $$; sleep 2; warn $$');
$pid = fork;
if ( $pid == 0 )
  exec( $my_command,@my_args) or die "can't do it Jim!";
} else {
$jobs = $my_args[0];
sleep 1;
foreach ( keys( %jobs ) )
  warn "killing $_";
  kill 9,$_;
sleep 3;

On Linux, the second warn $$ never gets executed because that child has
already been killed.  On Windows, sometimes it works that way and sometimes
it doesn't. An example of one of the times it doesn't:

2364 at -e line 1.
killing -3872 at line 16.
2364 at -e line 1.

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You shouldn't be, since you are using the list form of exec.  On Windows,
lords knows what might be going on.

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Good luck with that.


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