JendaRex and Perl 5.10

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G'day everyone

I've been trying unsuccessfully to compile (using PerlCtrl), using the latest PDK (7.1) and the latest Perl (5.10).

Everything seems to compile okay, whether I use PerlCtrl as is, or
with Jenda's own PDKcompile, and the resulting DLL seems to register
okay with RegSvr32.

After that, nothing works. This VBScript code
        Set re = CreateObject("Jenda.Rex")
gives me
        Microsoft VBScript runtime error: ActiveX component can't
create object: 'Jenda.Rex'

I get a similar report from VB.

Has anyone got any idea why? Is it that I'm doomed to comb through
perldelta for some change in Perl syntax?

Please, anyone, help!

Kind regards,

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