iterating through perl object fields

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I am a complete beginner I tried to find some information on the
topic, however, I have only found how to deal with arrays and
associative arrays. All documentation seems to be helpless with an

I have a fixed structure like this (comes from external file):

$self-> = {
                  'ver' => 2,
                  'list' => {
                             'name1' => 'item1',
                             'different_name' => 'another_item',
                             'whatever' => 'special_item',
# and 1000 more
I need a content of $self->->. I do knot know field names
nor keys.
There is probably some simple loop, foreach or while,e.g.
 (   ($c,$v) = each %self->-> ).
But I cannot figure out the details that would finally let it work.

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