Integrating Strawberry perl with Vista

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I've got Strawberry Perl installed on my Vista-64/Business system and it is
working perfectly.  BUT: it isn't integrated as cleanly as Activestate was
on my old XP system.   Two problems:

1) if I just do " arg1 arg2 ..." it correctly runs using strawberry, BUT: it doesn't pass any args in. If I do
  "perl arg1 arg2..."
it all works fine.

2) A really minor problem [but one that I'm curious about]: with
activestate you could run a perl program *without* the extension.  Just as
you can run BATCH.bat by just typing "BATCH" and APP.exe just by typing APP
you could run just by typing PERL.  Not a big thing but I was
wondering how Activestate managed it.

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Re: Integrating Strawberry perl with Vista

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C:\> ftype perl
perl="C:\opt\perl\bin\perl.exe" "%1" %*

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C:\> echo %PATHEXT%


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