Installing XML::Parser 2.3x in Perl5.8 for Win32.

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I have been trying to install the XML::Parser (2.3x) downloaded from
CPAN to be installed in my Perl5.8. I didnt use ActivePerl cause, I
had problem with other modules in their version, so I thought of using
Perl. I am usign VC++6.0 nmake

perl Makefile.PL
   Note (probably harmless): No Library found for -lexpat
  -Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lexpat
  Writing makefile for XML::Parser::Expat
  Writing makefile for XML::Parser

nmake Results:
fatal error U1077, cl : retyurn code '0x2'
fatal error U1077m 'cd': return code '0x2'

Am I missing something? I did install a MSXML SDK before trying this,
but apparantly no improvments.

Appreciate any help


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