installing architecture dependent modules

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I'm reposting this since the same post I made on 2/24 didn't seem to
make it out to the world.

I'm currently compiling several modules under different versions of Perl
and on different architectures.  It looks like more recent versions of
Perl (as of 5.6.0 ?) I can simply drop these modules in
/path/to/perllibs/$Config0.6/$Config and then in scripts
simply say

  use lib '/path/to/perlibs';

and Perl will modify @INC appropriately.

Of course, this will require compiling the modules (which probably needs
to be done anyway since some of them include binaries) for all the
different combinations of $Config0.6 and $Config that I
might use.

Is this the best approach?  Obviously, this keeps the modifying of @INC
very simple, but is there something better?



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