Installing a perl module manually on windows

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does anyone know how I might be able to manually install an activeperl
module, for some reason I cannot install any module via activeperl perl
package manager, how can I manually install an activeperl module after
downloading the  tar file?

Re: Installing a perl module manually on windows

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Assuming that after you've extracted the file, you just have a .pm
file, usually it will run OK if you just put it in the same directory
as the Perl file which needs it. The default directory for Perl
modules with ActivePerl is


so you can just put your module into that directory. If your module is
called by something like

use Bogus::Nonsense;

then it would go into a directory like this:


If your module also has C files and XS files, then I don't know what
to do on Windows, except suggest getting Cygwin.

Re: Installing a perl module manually on windows

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It's basically the same process as for installing modules on any other

1) Download the module's source from CPAN;
2) Extract the source to some location;
3) cd to the top level source folder;
4) run 'perl Makefile.PL', 'make test' and 'make install' (in that

I use the term 'make' in a generic sense. I recommend that you install
'dmake' (freely available from CPAN) and use that instead of 'make'.
It's just a matter of installing 'dmake' as per the instructions that
ship with it, and then adding the location of 'dmake.exe' to your

For many (most) modules, you'll also need a compiler - I recommend the
freely available MinGW port of gcc. Once installed, add C:\MinGW\bin
to your path (assuming that you installed into C:\MinGW). The dmake/
MinGW combo works fine with ActivePerl.

You could, if you like, save yourself some trouble and install
Strawberry Perl (which ships with both dmake and MinGW - and sets up
your path for you as part of the installation process).

Cygwin, as also suggested, is definitely an option. It, like
Strawberry Perl, also ships with its own make (called 'make') and
('gcc') compiler - but it's an inferior option in my opinion (unless
you particularly want to do unixy things on Windows).

You might find enlightenment at =
but there's also an abundance of other useful information at perlmonks
- take a look through


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