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In order to use the google data API without using (much) python,
I want to use Inline::Python.

The following code works, however, I do not know how to call the
function CreateEntry() from the ContactsSample class in
the perl code.

Thanks for any help with this.

Eric Smith


print "Hello from perl\n";

use Inline Python => <<'END_OF_PYTHON_CODE';
import sys
import getopt
import getpass
import atom
import gdata.contacts
import gdata.contacts.service

class ContactsSample(object):
  """ContactsSample object demonstrates operations with the Contacts feed."""

  def __init__(self, email, password):
    """Constructor for the ContactsSample object."""

    self.gd_client = gdata.contacts.service.ContactsService() = email
    self.gd_client.password = password
    self.gd_client.source = 'GoogleInc-ContactsPythonSample-1'

  def CreateEntry(self):
    name = 'John Doe''
    notes = "Something about him"
    primary_email = ''

    new_contact = gdata.contacts.ContactEntry(title=atom.Title(text=name))
    new_contact.content = atom.Content(text=notes),
        primary='true', rel=gdata.contacts.REL_WORK))
    entry = self.gd_client.CreateContact(new_contact)

    if entry:
      print 'Creation successful!'

  def Run(self):

def main():

  user = 'XXXXXXXXX'
  pw = 'XXXXXXXX'

    sample = ContactsSample(user, pw)
  except gdata.service.BadAuthentication:
    print 'Invalid user credentials given.'


if __name__ == '__main__':

Re: Inline::Python

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I've never used Inline::Python, but did you try (in Perl)

    my $cs = ContactsSample->new;

That's usually how Inline modules work: they just import the appropriate
symbols into your Perl namespace.


Re: Inline::Python

Thanks Ben, but no dice alas.

I also tried this from the manual:
py_bind_class("Inline::Python", "__main__", "ContactsSample",\
"set_data", "get_data");
my $o = new ContactsSample;

Both respond with:
Can't locate object method "new" via package "ContactsSample"

Any suggestions / help?



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Eric Smith

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