Incra IR-111 Knuckle Saver 3/8-Inch Super Duty Reactionless Air Ratchet Wrench

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Best deal:

I love this ratchet, I love the reactionless feature. If I had to do it over
again I would buy this one all over. It acts just like a cordless drill with a
clutch once it goes tight it lets it slip. Awesome feature I dont ever have to
worry about it shoving my hand into some part of the car.   All you have to do
once the reactionless feature kicks in, just stop pulling the trigger and use it
like a ratchet. Great product.
Have had other air ratchets and used them on a limited basis because of the
knuckle busting associated with them. The IR-111 WILL NOT but your knuckles. I
find myself using it a lot more because of that feature. May cost a little more
but is well worth the extra. I would not give it up! Great product.
I use my ratchet on a daily basis, and it is the best all around. The
anti-kickback feature is the best part of this ratchet not to mention it's
relative quiet operation as compared to other ratchets on the market.
An excellent product that works exactly as stated: no more busted knuckles. With
some things you get what you pay for, this product is one of those items. The
price from Amazon made it even more attractive as a co-worker paid over $170 for
the identical model.
I bought three 3/8" air rachets to try them side-by-side:  Ingersoll Rand IR111
Husky H4003  Campbell Hausfelt TL1001Ingersoll Rand - The quietest of the group
by a fair margin.  Its motor is apparently different than the others so the high
pitched whine is  absent.  The reactionless feature is apparent because it
changes to a hammer mode (although it is still low torque) when the torque
becomes too high. Most expensive. Made in Japan.Husky - Typical air tool whine.
When the nut runs up, the wrench just stops, no impact.  Realistically, I can't
see this torque being enough to smash any fingers.  It has a nice rubber handle
grip that the others lack.  Half the cost of the Ingersoll Rand. Made in
Taiwan.Campbell Hausfelt - No rubber handle and slight styling differences, but
operation is identical to Husky.  Half the cost of the Husky. Made in
Taiwan.Conclusion:  My logical side says to keep the Campbell Hausfelt because
it the best value.  The tool collector in me that drools over exotic tools wants
to keep the Ingersoll Rand because it is the best tool, even if the difference
is awfully small for four times the cost. I'm talking myself into keeping the IR
because of the lower noise, but I still wonder whether my choice is
discriminating or just dumb.
This Ingersoll Rand air ratchet wrench is known as the Knuckle Saver because it
has a unique reactionless mechanism that absorbs kickback when the nut runs
tight. Drive (in.): 3/8, Speed - No Load (RPM): 300, Average Air Consumption
(CFM): 4, CFM at Load: 12, Max. Torque (ft.-lbs.): 50, Reversible: Yes, Inlet
Size (in.): 1/4, Min. Hose Size (in.): 5/16, Case Included: No
If you are looking for a air ratchet much faster than the ordinary models, look
no further than the Incra Knuckle Saver 3/8-inch Super Duty Air Ratchet Wrench.
This tool features a reactionless mechanism that makes gears unnecessary giving
more speed and power. While absorbing kickback so you don't bust your knuckles,
it also can get up to speeds of 300 RPM and deliver 50 ft./lbs. of torque. The
air ratchet is great for work on muffler clamps, shocks, bar clamps, water pumps
and air conditioning units.


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