@INC madness

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For a while I've been running the latest Perl on Mac OS X 10.6 via MacPorts
under /opt/local/bin. That worked fine for a while but as I upgraded via 'port
upgrade' from 5.10.0 to 5.10.1 and then 5.12.0, 5,12.2, 5.12.3 I found my @INC
was becoming incomplete. Not wishing to reinstall all the modules in the module
paths missing from @INC I tracked down the missing paths and added them to a
PERL5LIB variable within /etc/bashrc. 'Trouble is that isn't read when a Perl
script runs in a non-interactive environment, such as a CGI script. So, finally,
I thought best to start with a clean install - this time under /usr/local/bin -
and reinstall everything before abandoning MacPorts Perl which suffers from
being re-installed randomly when other ports which depend on Perl are upgraded.
However, upon completing the new installation I find that my new @INC is now
mixed up with a partial list of directories from the old MacPorts installation.
Aaaaagh! @INC is madness. Will it be made at le
ast editable in Perl 6?


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