imap -> addtag then bounce (remail) -> smtp [for gmail?]

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dear ladies and gents:  has anyone written a (linux or perl) client
application or CLI utility that can pull all the messages from an imap
server's folder, add one x-header tag to each email (e.g., the machine
and folder name), and then remail/bounce them back or to another

such an application would be particularly useful for migrating to
gmail---of course, if gmail supported imap, this would be totally
unnecessary, but for now, there seems to be no old email upload
facility.  (I have seen the phython solution but it works only for
local folders, and I have seen a hotmail solution, but neither

before I re-invent the wheel, I wonder if someone has already thrown
something like this together.



Re: imap -> addtag then bounce (remail) -> smtp [for gmail?]A

On 16 Jun 2005, wrote:
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I wrote about how I do this type of thing in this 2005-July-20
message in the Procmail mailing list:


and in this section of my Procmail Quick Start:


It would be easier if Gmail let you filter based on headers other


And, as iaw said, really easy if Gmail supported IMAP and mapped
IMAP keywords to Gmail labels.

Hope this helps,

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