Imager with UTF8

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Hello. Does anyone know if I can print japanese text with imager. This
is what i did  but so far it prints  numbers and symbols, no japanese
characters. THanks.

my $font = Imager::Font->new(
   file  => '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont/FreeSans.ttf',
   index => 0,
   color => $blue,
   size  => 10.5,
   aa    => 1);


Re: Imager with UTF8

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FreeSans has Japanese?

Re: Imager with UTF8

I doubt there is a ttf with many languages. It works great with
english not sure what to do here I have found a couple of posts but no
details on how to implement it. Does imager have a built in font with
all the languages? thanks

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Re: Imager with UTF8

joe wrote:
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"supporting most major code pages and character sets in modern use ...
Ascender Uni is a 39MB TrueType (TTF) font with approximately 53,000
glyphs" -

Arial Unicode MS also has over 50,000 glyphs.
Bitstream Cyberbit has over 10,000 glyphs

Not that I'm recommending the idea of pan-unicode fonts. I believe there
are significant issues for the CJK character sets (which I think may
need to have different language-specific glyphs for many Unicode
codepoints). This might or might not be what joe's question is about.


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